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In Depth Training 

Have you been on some one day workshops previously and are planning on doing more with your skills? 1 person training days are now available at the workshop. 


Training days at my workshop in Brimfield, Shropshire are now available.

Days can be booked as private

1 to 1 sessions  

A greater understanding of the elements of basketry can be picked up while working in a 1 to 1 session.

Sessions can be adapted towards the skills you want to learn or you can work on making a more advanced basket than would be possible on a group workshop day. 

£200 for a private session 

(Materials charged separately depending on what you use)

Please contact me for more info.

Mortimer Willow Basket Weaver Alisha Davidson.jpg

Progressive Training 

If you would rather spend more time learning than a day course or 2 then regular sessions of in-depth, progressive training are available.

Suitable for beginners to learn the skills involved in round basketry. Skills covered would include - materials and preparation, bases, side stakes, different weaves, shaping, borders and handles. 

8 day sessions recommended  - 9.30 to 4.30 

Additional days will also be available to cover oval baskets, more advanced weaves, frame baskets, basic sculpture etc 

Please contact me to discuss further.

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